5 Places OTHER than Agents to Get Purchase Business

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Ryan Stewman



Many of you have reached out to me and expressed your frustration chasing after real estate agents. In the last 18 months it’s been like gangbusters. LOs know the purchase market it back in full swing and they are ALL on the chase for Agents.

To make matters worse on Agents the vendors are chasing them, wearing them out as well. Everyone from the biz card companies, internet softwares, marketing people and about a million other mother fuckers are bugging Agents, begging them for deals.  

To make matters even worser (I know it’s not a real word) most Agents don’t have any damn business any way. There’s only like 3% of all agents actually doing any kind of real volume. What makes this worse is many LOs and other vendors are wasting their time chasing agents without any business to give them.  

While it’s a good thing to work with Agents, it’s not a good thing to rely on the 100% for your business. There are other places you can get loans from. I made this video to share 5 additional places to get loans from that are not your traditional spots. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share it on social media.  

How to get purchase business



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