The Genius Behind Remax’s New TV Ad

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Game recognize game right? I was watching TV the other day and saw a commercial for Remax. This particular ad was one of the best reframes I’ve ever seen. It said “Instead of your dream house, let us help you find the right house.” Talk about a reframe for a time when inventory is low and buyers have to take what they can get!!!! Kudos Remax ad team, in a tv ad no less.  remax  

The commercial goes on to talk about why your dream home may not be the right home. Things like the home needing major repairs, being in bad areas etc… They also tell the viewer to trust a Remax expert to find them the right home. It’s almost to insist the agent knows what they need, not what they want.  

In a normal market this type of ad wouldn’t fly. If this ad was running in 2006 people would think Remax was a pompous ass. In today’s market of limited inventory, and frustrated buyers who’ve fought for multiple offers on multiple homes, it’s perfect.  

You see, Remax’s ad team knows that today most offers on homes are turned down. This is due to limited inventory. The hottest homes in areas are selling well above list price. While this is a sellers dream, it’s a buyer’s nightmare. Funny thing, most sellers are buyers at the same time. Without having a home to move to, this keeps sellers from accepting some offers too. If they sell their home, they have no where to go.  

Many Americans were fortunate enough to receive super low interest rates on their mortgages in recent years. With rates from 2-4% on average, it’s hard to justify selling your home when y you can rent it and generate cash flow. I could go on and on with plenty of reasons why this market is tough. Point is, Remax reframed it to ease the frustration and anxiety like true pros.  


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