Strategic Selling With Social Reconnaissance [Video]

Are you one of those people who just play on Facebook, and occasionally get a lead or two from it, or do you intentionally treat social media like a prospector’s dream come true? You can learn all you need to learn about future clients through what I call “Social Reconnaissance.”

Social Reconnaissance or SR for short, is the practice of doing social research on the people you intend to contact and prospect. These days, people pretty much put everything up on their walls. If you have a little finesse, you can use their posts to start and end powerful conversations.  

The more hands you shake, the more money you make. Right? So, why not use the power of social media and SR to get in front of as many people as possible in the coolest and most efficient way?  

In this video, I’ll show and tell you EXACTLY how you can use the power of Social Reconnaissance to become the authority to your online sphere of influence.  


Elevator to the Top!