Rockstar Closer Radio: Taking It To The Top with Tyson James Lee

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Ryan Stewman



It’s always cool to see the next generation of sales masters rise up.  Especially when they rise as fast as Tyson James Lee has.  This guy is on fire.  He seriously can’t lose.  He’s so in alignment with who he is and what he wants the world is falling into his hand at this point.tyson
On this episode, Tyson and I talk sales, life and the truth about uncomfortable situations.  He talks about his 5 point check list that has led him to closing millions in sales in just a short time.
This is where it gets real though, Tyson talks about being homeless and not knowing what to do with is life until one day a guy shows him the way.  The guy who happened to show him the way, was my third or fourth client and has been a guest on the show before! What a small world, I had no idea.
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