Loan Officers: Here’s The No BS Way To Get Referrals From Financial Planners

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It’s no secret LO’s and Agents get along like cats and dogs.  There are a few canines and felines who can co-exist, but most of them chase each other and fight.  It’s just the nature of the beast when you have 1000’s of dollars in commissions on the line, in a short time crunch. 
As a loan officer, when you get in a bad place with one of your agents, due to, what usually is no fault of your own, you start to look outside of real estate brokerages, for places to gain referrals from.
Or maybe, just maybe, you’re looking to tap into the jumbo market and you don’t know of any agents who handle the elite.  The ones you do know, say their clients “don’t need mortgages”.[bullshit]
Sure, you can prospect family attorneys for divorce cases and such, or you can hit up personality lacking CPAs and be bored out of your f’n mind talking with them.  Maybe you even hit up builders, which nowadays, have MSAs with damn near every vendor on the planet.
We all know, the ever elusive financial planner is the best referral source we can get.  Good clients with great credit, income AND assets.  It’s every LOs dream! But what can we do to get referrals from them?
For years now, I’ve had LOs come to me and ask how to get in with financial planners.  When I was a LO and I networked with planners, they always pumped me for leads, equally as hard I pumped them.  Problem was, their leads were millionaires in most cases, mine were FHA.  The ultimate mismatch in reciprocity.
Instead, in this short video, I’m going to share with you, a super badass sales tactic that will allow you to get in with financial planners and look like a hero to them.  They are salesmen, just like us.  They too need to continue to prospect and raise money for their portfolio and existing clients.  Enjoy and implement.
*Shout out to Chasity Graff, LO out of Louisiana, for inspiring this post.



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