How To Use Marketing To Handle The Money Objection [Video]

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As salespeople we spend an enormous amount of time talking to people who don’t qualify to buy our sh!t. What’s even worse is when we thing he have a hot one and when it comes time to sign they hit you with “I can’t afford it” OH THE HUMANITY

If you’re getting the money objection on a regular basis, it’s not a sales issue, it’s a marketing issue. Marketing’s job is to attract and feed prospects to sales. If marketing is sending bunk @ss leads to the sales team, they can’t do their job. For example if you’re selling luxury cars your ads shouldn’t say “No money down. Bad credit ok”

The job of any marketing piece is to be the qualifier that your prospects decide upon. If you’ve got the wrong qualifications then the wrong prospects will show up, over and over again. When done correctly, marketing does the elevator pitch to the right prospects for you. The right marketing props can make or break sales. Watch this video to learn how to handle the money objection. 

How To Use Marketing To Handle The Money Objection

If you’re good at sales but haven’t mastered marketing you need to get started now. Mastering the art of effective marketing will make your life in sales that much easier. Imagine your marketing pieces brining in lay down sale after lay down sale. It’s possible. Check out my program and you can see how it’s done.

Lastly, if you’d like to know more about my programs and products, in order to purchase the right one for you, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch. All I ask is that you come ready to invest and not waste our time. We have a lot of people to help and we want to help those who are ready, first.

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