Handouts Don’t Come To Hustlers [Video]

Posted on April 13, 2016

Ryan Stewman



The other day, a friend and I were talking about how our parents take way better care of our siblings that are needy. People need someone to need them. Those of us who don’t need anyone, don’t get the same treatment as those who are needy. Basically, handouts don’t come to hustlers.
When the world sees you continually go out and get it on your own, they stop giving you stuff. When the world sees that you are needy, they tend to fill the need.  Think of it this way: homeless people ask for money because they need it. People give to them. No one walks up to you and me and hands us cash. They know we don’t need their help. 
In that conversation with my friend I told him, “You can’t get mad at the world for not giving you handouts.” I also reiterated the fact that we were made strong, and don’t need help. 
Meanwhile the weak get help. Think about disability. Those who can’t work or who are too lazy to work, get SSI or disability. Those of us who are able, don’t get shit. The world gives help to losers but it also gives rewards to winners. 
The bottom line is that you can’t be mad at the people in your life for recognizing that you don’t need help, and not giving it to you. That’s how it works. Be proud you don’t need shit. 
However; whether you need help or not, you can always improve. If you don’t take handouts and you are like me and constantly earning what you have, check out my sales program www.showupandclose.com and hustle even harder than you already do. 
The world has its hand out. It’s our job to keep our hands in our pockets, where the money is! 
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