THC Podcast 009: Stepping Up Your Negotiation Game To Close More Sales

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Back for your eardrums like clockwork, this is episode number nine of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast” with your favorite closer Mr. Ryan Stewman, the architect behind the webs most bad ass sales blog

The art of negotiating when it comes to life not just the sales industry is an insanely important art form that you need to master. Whether you are trying to close a deal, get a loan, get a job, get you some arm candy or whatever it will take strong negotiating skills.

The good news for you is in this very session of HCP Ryan is going to give you on a silver platter, three tested and confirmed powerful tips to help you step your negotiation game up so you can crush more sales and opportunities.

Stepping Up Your Sales Negotiation Game

Probably the easiest way you can increase your sales right now is by increasing your closing percentage. In other words, closing more opportunities you are in front of everyday and stop letting what could be sales slip through the cracks and become missed sales.

The way you put a plug in your missed sales leak is to become a master negotiator, a master of the craft.

Ryan, yet again, is nice enough to break down three of his most guarded tips when it comes to being a master negotiator in this episode so after you listen you can instantly step of your negotiation game right away.

Tune into this episode of HCP and start stepping your game up NOW!

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