THC Podcast 017: The Truth About Why Buyers Are Liars

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We all have heard the popular saying in the sales world “buyers are liars” and in most cases, we all have even said it.

That is because it is true. Buyers are liars. We even lie when we are buyers at times. It is just how the game is played.

In this episode of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast”, Ryan Stewman helps you step up your game by understanding truly what “buyers are liars” means, why they lie, and how you can leverage this to close you more sales.

Closing More Buyers That  Are Liars

What does “buyers are liars” actually mean?

In true Ryan Stewman fashion, Ryan breaks down his definition and what it means when you say “buyers are liars”.

In order for you to be able to handle these buyers like a true closer, you will first need to understand what it means when sales people say “buyers are liars”.

Why “buyers are liars”?

Why do buyers feel the need to while engaged with a professional salesperson?

In this episode, Ryan takes you into the mind of the buyer to uncover what triggers and positions them to feel they need to lie.

How to handle buyers when they are liars?

After you get the lowdown on “the what” and “the why” Ryan is going to show you how to turn these buyers into customers. Happy customers at that.

Understanding these buyers will help you master the art of closing them.

Ryan delivers his best techniques and tips for turning buyers that lie into customers that buy.


Understanding Your Prospects And Buyers

Whether buyers are liars or not, the more you know and understand your prospect the easier it will be to convert them to a closed sale. 

Ask the right questions and provide the right information so your buyers will not have to lie to you. 

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