THC Podcast 020: The Five Fears Salespeople Need To Face & Conquer

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Look, it’s like this if you are going to reach your true earning potential in this “thing of ours” the sales industry you are going to have to face your fears and make them tap out.

Hundreds of thousands of salespeople from across the globe struggle with several fears when it comes to selling.

It is time to kick these fears to the curb, and start closing more sales and cashing fatter commission checks.

The good news for you that in this episode of “The Hardcore Closer Podcast” your favorite closers, favorite closer Ryan Stewman is going to lay out the top five fears salespeople need to face if they want to go to the next level.


Facing And Conquering The Top Five Fears That Salespeople Face

1. Fear Of Rejection

Being rejected in sales is something we all have to accept. It is never personal.

Learn how to conquer your fears of rejection, so you can go head down and hustle.

2. Fear Of Pissing People Off

In a lot of sales environments, things can sometimes get pretty intense and you just might piss a few prospects off.

Learn how to handle this like a pro and stop pissing off prospects on your road to making more sales.

3. Fear Of Looking Stupid

It doesn’t matter if you are in sales or not no one wants to look stupid.

Learn to handle and channel this fear into more closed deals and bigger commission checks to cash.

4. Fear Of Not Making Money

The fear of not making money like number three above is a fear a lot of people struggle with in sales.

In this episode of the THC podcast, you will get the information you need to punch this fear in the face and rise above your competition

5. Fear Of Working On Commission

What the hell are you doing in the sales game if you are scared of working on commission?

If you are going to be in sales you are going to need to choke hold this fear.

Ya boy Ryan Stewman breaks down how to put this fear in the rearview.

Don’t Let Fear Mess With Your Money

If you are honest with yourself and aware of these fears you will have an easier time eliminating them for good.

Take the time to understand these fears and even why you are faced with them.

Fear is not a bad thing by any means. It is only bad when you let it mess with your paychecks and day to day operations.

Hit these five fears with a haymaker to the chin and put them to sleep! Forever!




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