THC Podcast 022: Handling The Top 5 Most Awkward Sales Call Moments Like A Pro

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The “perfect sales call” is a myth and just does not exist.

Most calls can be real awkward situations, and provide hilarious moments and stories to share with the rest of the team around the office.

When you are pounding the phone day in and out you are going to encounter several different scenarios and situations.

Awkwardness is inevitable so it is important to thicken your skin and be prepared for these awkward moments.

In this episode of “THC Podcast,” your boy Ryan Stewman is going to lay out the top 5 awkward sales call moments and how to handle them like a true Hardcore Closer.


The 5 Most Awkward Sales Call Moments And How To Handle Them Like A Pro

The Silence After The Offer –

Even if you have been in sales for one week, you have heard the saying “he who speaks first loses the sale”.

Well in today’s marketplace most of your prospects know this “saying” also, so when you both are sitting stone silent for a hot minute, things can get awkward pretty fast.

In this episode of “THC Podcast, ” Ryan addresses this awkward moment and also delivers his favorite strategy for moving past it.

The Accidental Talk Over –

You know what I’m talking about here. Your prospect stops talking just to take a breath of air, and you assumed they were done talking.

Right as you open your mouth to say something they also do and now you look like a salesman that doesn’t stop running his trap.

Listen to this episode and get tips from Ryan on how to avoid this awkward moment during sales calls and how to handle it like a boss when and iff it does happen.

The “No, You Go Ahead”-

Is there anyone who enjoys when you are on a call with a prospect, and you both go to say something at the same time?

Now, since you have manners you obviously insist that the prospect speaks first, and that can lead to the prospect being polite and encouraging you to speak first… “No please, you go ahead.”

Ryan has some awesome tips in this episode to nip this awkward moment in the bud.

The Explanation Of How You Got Their Info –

Sometimes explaining why you are calling and how you got their information can be as awkward as they come.

It would be a shame for such an unimportant detail be the reason your prospect decides not to hook-up and do business with you.

Learn from Ryan in this episode how to handle this awkward moment with the right finesse so it doesn’t get out of your control.

The Moment When They Hang Up On You –

Anyone who is making sales calls on a daily basis has had the phone banged on them more than once.

You know what I’m saying. You call, introduce yourself and then click. The prospect hung up on you just like that!

If you can’t get the prospect to take your call and even talk to you, how the hell do you ever expect to get them to spend their money with you?

Getting banged on by prospects is pretty much unavoidable no matter how tight your phone game is so the fact is it is going to happen.

Ryan covers how to handle when a customer hangs up on you and how you can keep the deal alive.

Handling The Awkward Sales Call Moments

These moments do not need to remain awkward to you, and they certainly do not have to cost you sales.

Implement the tips and word tracks Ryan drops in this episode and watch your phone numbers climb and confidence level soar.

Team Hardcore Closer wants to know your most awkward sales call moment. Drop a line with funny sales call moment in the comment section below.


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