THC Podcast 025: 3 Ways To Use Technology To Bypass Gatekeepers

Posted on August 23, 2016

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I can’t imagine for the life of me that any salesperson is a fan of the gatekeeper who is guarding with their life the person you need to be in front of to close a deal, the decision maker.

Getting past the gatekeeper can be insanely frustrating. Sometimes it feels like no matter what you say or do.

A professional salesperson does not have the time to deal with the dreaded gatekeeper and investing in trying to pitch and close someone who is not authorized to pull triggers.

In this edition of THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman is going to show you his 3 favorite ways for leveraging technology to get you around the gatekeeper and in front of the decision maker so you can close em up!


3 Ways To Use Technology To Bypass The Gatekeeper And Hone In On The Decision Maker

Social Media

I bet it is not a surprise seeing social media on this list of tech tools to get around gatekeepers.

My only question is are you using and leveraging social properly to help hone in on the decision makers?

Fear, not my young Jedi Closer, your boy Ryan Stewman has got your back as always.

In this episode, Ryan gives you some of his top shelf advanced tips for tapping into the true power of social media and ducking the gatekeepers.

Kick Fire

Ok, closer nation, I am still taking some heat from the bossman Stewman on writing this resource into the podcast so please make it all worth it by peeping Kick Fire out.

Kick Fire is in a nutshell like a caller ID for your website.

It provides you some priceless data and intel on your web visitors that if leveraged properly it will skyrocket your sales.

Ryan talks about how he maximizes Kick Fire and how you can too.

Step Up Your Texting/Emailing/Typing Game

More and more people are more comfortable and prefer to communicate via some form of text.

Whether you are dialoguing with a sales prospect via text messaging, Facebook private messaging, email or whatever, you are going to need to brush up your skills.

You need to be as strong via text as you are on the phone.

Like it or not, the sales game is changing, the way we as people communicate is changing, so you can change with it or simply cease to exist in the industry.

Get Ryan’s go-to tips for sharpening up your texting game.

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Stop Letting The Gatekeeper Come Between Your Sales Goals

Once you have your skill set dialed in you will start eluding these gatekeepers out here like a boss.

Don’t just read and listen to this podcast/post, put this content into action and execute on it like a madman.

These tactics are not theory, they work is you work em. 

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