THC Podcast 026: 3 Tips To Pull Yourself Out Of A Sales Slump

Posted on September 08, 2016

Producer Robert



It’s like this… if you have any time in the sales game, you have most likely been faced with the dreaded sales slump.

No matter who you talk to and how much you stick to the basics and your sales process, you feel like you couldn’t get your ma duke to sign on the line which is dotted.

The dreaded slump happens to the best of the best so why would you be any different? What actions are you taking to protect yourself from the wicked, ugly and heartless sales slump?

Well like always your boy “the head closer in charge” Ryan Stewman is going to deliver you his go-to techniques and mindset for avoiding and getting yourself out of a sales slump.

How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Sales Slump

1. Be Aware And Get Control

Dealing with a sales slump starts with being aware you are in one or even on the verge of one.

Until you are aware of your slump, it will be impossible for you to get control of it.

In this episode,  you will learn exactly what the top sales performers in multiple industries do to make sure they can spot an upcoming slump early.

2. Invest In And Preserve Confidence

Self-confidence is key to long-term success in sales.

A lot of sales slumps are a result or lead to issues with self-confidence.

The best of the best in sales are always investing in ongoing education and the better of the best are also investing into their preserving their confidence.

Confidence is key and keeping it dialed in is an incredible way to avoid sales slumps.

In this episode, Ryan drops some of his favorite tips for keeping his confidence levels up. 

3. Dig Up Some Motivation

Pretty sure we can agree on the fact that attitude is a big part of success in the sales game.

One of the leading contributors to a sales slump is a bad attitude, a lack of motivation.

YouTube videos,  books, etc. are all great resources to keep your motivation on point.

Learn in this podcast how our fearless leader Ryan Stewman the Hardcore Closer keeps his motivation levels cranked up.


Here Is A Quick Recap On How To Pull Yourself Out Of A Sales Slump

The 3 steps for handling a sales slump:

  • Be aware & get control
  • Invest in & preserves confidence
  • Dig up some motivation

You probably already have or if not you will encounter a sales slump. That is not the question.

The question is how are you going to handle it?

Put these tips into action so you can stay clear of the dreaded sales slump.

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