THC Podcast 028: 3 Tips To Selling With Integrity

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These days it is well known that the sales industry is full of liars who will say anything to make a commission.

If the majority of the sales world is tied up slinging lies to get paid, so all you need to do is step in and close on the 100% truth. How refreshing does that sound?  

As a salesperson, you have the opportunity to save your clients from the shady, slimy salespeople of the world. 

You can be the hero in a world full of lies and deceit by using integrity and the truth to earn the trust and business from your prospects. 

In this episode of THC Podcast, the head closer in charge Ryan Stewman breaks down three steps that will help you stand out among the snakes and save your clients a headache and BS. 

3 Steps To Selling With Integrity 

1. Get In Agreement With Yourself

Ryan Stewman discussed when his eyes were opened to the world where you can speak only the 100% truth and still dominate.

You have to commit and dedicate yourself to always speak the truth no matter what the results or repercussions might be.

2. Be Willing To Say The Hard Things Too Hard Heads

If the truth was always easy to say and or accept there wouldn’t be lies.

The sad part about the world we live in today most people would rather hear a lie and deny it than hear the truth and accept it.

Having the balls to say what needs to be said to a prospect will not just get you the sale, but it will also get you respect from your prospects.

3. Instill Doubt Into Your Lying Competitors

When you know your competition is full of crap, call them out on it.

Show your prospects how you bring value and will benefit them and the competition will take value and benefits from them.

Learn Ryan Stewman’s favorite techniques to show your prospects that the competition is full of lies by showing them the truth not just saying the truth.


You Don’t Have To Lie To Close More Deals

Your life and your bank statement will be better if you are not telling lies to close deals.

You will attract prospects who seek and value the truth as well as your product/services.

Let your competitors bury themselves and their sales numbers with lies, while you are on the fast track to success in sales all from be brutally honest.

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