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It is time to look at the phone in a new light. It is not about the office/home phone anymore; it is all about the smartphone.

People use their smartphone for an average of 4 hours per day (but remember 86% calls don’t get answered) so Ryan Stewman is kind enough to drop his five favorite ways to close more sales with your phone.

How To Close More Sales With Your Phone

1. Texting

You haven’t already, it is time to get good at selling via text.

Like anything else it requires practice so you better get on it.

A salesman can send more texts out in any given hour than a salesman can make phone calls, which remember only 86% of those calls get answered so which one do you think is a better use of your time?

Get the Hardcore Closer Ryan Stewman’s top tips for selling via text in this episode of THC Podcast.

Check out this video for more texting tips that will close you more sales: 

2. Email

Where do you and most people consume their email messages from today? If you said the phone, you are 100% right.

That is why today’s sales professionals need to learn how to communicate effectively via email just as effectively as they communicate verbally.

Email is still a powerhouse for a salesperson which is why Ryan Stewman dives into some email tactics in this episode that will have you closing more sales just from typing an email.

3. Chat Messages

If you have been a follower of the Hardcore Closer for any time now you know, Ryan closes $10,000 plus sales on a regular basis via Facebook Messenger.

People today are more comfortable (they do it daily) communicating via chat than they are through a phone call, so it is important for you to be where they are and are comfortable.

In this episode, your boy Stewman is going to drop some of his secret strategies for closing deals via Facebook Messenger so you can start closing more deals now.

4. Videos

Americans are scared to death of public speaking, and fortunately, a video is a form of public speaking, so that means most people are scared of the video also.

Video helps position you as a fearless expert who is a killer first impression that can easily be leveraged to a sale.

You don’t have to be afraid anymore; your boy Stewman has you covered like always with some easy to execute tips for using video to close you more deals.

Check out this video for more tips on selling with video:

5. Social Media

Making a post to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (or whatever social channel is hot at the time you are reading this) from your phone allows you to pitch and get in front of 100s of people at once. That’s pretty sick, right?

Social Media Selling is a skill that every salesperson who wants to be a power player in today’s market needs to develop.

Social Selling is a one to many sales pitch that takes a little time and drives results.

Step up your Social Selling skill set in this episode of THC Podcast with some tips and ideas from Ryan.

phonefunnelsbannerStart Using Your Phone Like Your Prospects Use Their Phone

Most salespeople in the game are not using the phone like this, but their prospects are. Connect, pitch and close prospects using the channels they use every day all day.

It is time for you to start dominating your marketplace with your phone. You ready?

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