The Power of 5 Strategy [VIDEO]

Posted on January 07, 2017

Ryan Stewman



We know in life, there’s strength in numbers. Sales is no different. It’s a numbers game. The number of people you pitch. The number of calls you make. The number of hands you shake. Sales is all about the numbers. The bigger the number is, the bigger the number on your commission check. Sales is a numbers game.
Most people think that in order to get in front of more people, you must increase your workload. Some of the top sales trainers out there say things like “10X” and “work your ass off.” While I’m all for hard work, I’m more for efficient work. 10X shouldn’t mean you have to physically work 10 times harder, it just means you need to get in front of 10X the people and pitch them. That’s not necessarily hard work if you know the way.
You may not know how to easily get in front of 10 times the prospects you normally do, but I’ve got the keys. I’ve been using a strategy I call “The Syndicate” since 2011. I’ve made millions of dollars in sales commissions using this process. I’ve used it for B2C, B2B, on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter.

This strategy works. Don’t try and discredit it. 

In this video, I’ll explain what I call “The Power of 5” and show you how easy it is to strategically place your pitch in front of as many people as you want, with the help of some cool friends and referral partners. The strategy is simple and effective. If you choose to take action on what you learn, you will make sales.


If you choose not to try it, your competition may be reading this, too. 

Watch the video and learn The Syndicate Strategy. More importantly, watch the video, do what it says and close some sales as a direct result. We all know (by now) that Knowledge + Action = Success. If you’re ready to join us in the Entourage, just click the banner below the video and get signed up today. 



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