THC Podcast 052: THC Podcast Year In Review

Posted on February 24, 2017

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Welcome to the one year anniversary for THC Podcast.

This past year of podcasting has blown by so fast for the whole THC Podcast team, and we are all enjoying going on this ride with you.

In this monumental episode of THC Podcast, Ryan Stewman will recap the first year for the show, what to expect from the future and whole lot more of off the cuff goodness that will help make your day better.

Thanks for a great first year for THC Podcast!

THC Podcast Year In Review

Ryan Talks About The Art Of Podcasting

In this special episode, the head closer in charge Ryan Stewman will share his journey in podcasting which dates back to 2011.

Ryan dives into the pros and cons of cranking out a consistent podcast that builds an audience and helps syndicate his brand all over the web.

If you have been thinking of starting a podcast to promote your expertise, this is a great episode for you to check out.

Ryan Stewman’s Favorite Podcasts

THC Podcasts host Ryan Stewman is not just a podcaster, but a podcast listener just like you.

Ryan will review his top five go-to podcasts that he never misses an episode of.

There are so many great podcasts out there that are 100% free, and although they cost you nothing to consume, they can help you grow your business and make more money.

Why Salespeople Need To Generate Leads

This THC episode was pretty much off the cuff, and Ryan dives deep into the rabbit hole of lead generation for salespeople.

He talks about why the salesperson who generates leads is more valuable that any stone closer that relies on the company he works for to generate leads for them.

Get some of Ryan’s favorite tips for generating higher quality leads so you can close more sales.

Keep Checking Out THC Podcast

Team THC Podcast has some big plans and some cool new features planned for the podcast moving forward.

These changes are designed to improve your listening experience so you can get the most out of the show and have fun doing it.

THC Podcast will be getting better so we can help you get even better. Thanks for the supporting the first year of the show. Be sure to stick around!

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