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The social selling debate is going down 24/7 on LinkedIn. People are constantly debating the pros and cons of social selling vs. cold calling. While social media can be a great place to make sales, it’s an even better place to prospect. Matter of fact, nowhere else on Earth can you find hundreds of millions of prospects in one place, waiting on you.
Not everyone understands how social prospecting works.
I see people screw it up every day. You know, the needy DM or the “buy my shit” comment they leave on your posts. People can get pretty sloppy when it comes to prospecting on social media
Think of social media the same way you think of real life. The same rules, manners and strategies exist. It’s only the platform that’s changed. If you wouldn’t scream “buy my shit” at a family BBQ, then don’t scream it on social media. Have some finesse.
The best part about social prospecting is that you’re not limited to one person at a time. While on the phone and face-to-face trying to prospect, you are limited. With social media, you can go viral at any minute and pitch millions of prospects on auto-pilot.
In this short video, I’ll explain the social prospecting process and the five fastest places to get the ball rolling. If you’re looking for more training like this, join our Entourage mastermind at 

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