THC Podcast 059: 5 Tips To Be A More Memorable Public Speaker And Presenter

Posted on April 16, 2017

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The biggest fear that most Americans share is not a nuclear war with Russia, but it is, in fact, public speaking.

Having a solid skill set as a public speaker is not just for people who are public speakers.

Today you can deliver a presentation across numerous channels like Facebook Live, Instagram, or YouTube. That’s why being a good public speaker or presenter is valuable to every entrepreneur and salesperson.

Ryan Stewman is a sought out speaker for some of the most elite events, and he always rocks the house and always gets invited back.

Basically what I’m saying is he knows what he is talking, so these tips are proven.

Let’s dive in and get started…

5 Tips That Will Make You A More Memorable Public Speaker And Presenter

1. Be Yourself 

There are millions of people out in the world trying to be like someone else. What that means is by being yourself you instantly position yourself to be different in the marketplace.

Ryan Stewman admits that he was guilty of doing just this in the past, but as soon as he started to be who he is his business started climbing to new heights.

You will learn more in this THC Podcast on why you should always be you and how you can do it easily.

2. Command Attention

When you are stepping on stage or even getting in front of a video the first thing you need to do is grab the audience/viewers attention and keep it.

It is important to command the audience’s attention right from the start, and you do that by doing something unique or big.

Ryan Stewman talks about how every time he steps out on stage what he does to own the attention of every last person in the room. Good stuff for sure.

3. Blow The Audiences Mind

To be an effective and compelling speaker or presentation, you will need to blow the mind of your audience.

How does one do that you might be asking? Well, that’s easy, you deliver them some killer content.

You want to show the audience that they too can do exactly what you did and they can see the same results and success.

Ryan Stewman is one of the best in the biz at doing this and in this episode he shares exactly how he does it. You won’t want to miss it.

4. Give Thanks To The Host

Showing gratitude to a host in any circumstance is always proper etiquette, but in this instance, it’s that plus more.

Giving a good shout out to the host will make the host happy, and if it’s a good shoutout, they will most likely share it. Gotta love some social proof from major players, right?

Stewman always shows love and gratitude to the events host, and when you listen to this episode, you will hear exactly how.

5. Engage The Crowd

Whether you are speaking at a live event or busting out a Facebook, a live event or even a Facebook live the name of the game is to engage the crowd.

When you are in front of any audience, your objective is to rock the house and keep the crowd into it. Making your audience part of your presentation will make them feel part of your presentation.

You do that, and your audience will be more interested.

Ryan Stewman has mastered the art of engaging with an audience across numerous platforms. You can too. Listen to this episode of THC Podcast and find out how easy it is!

Be A Better Public Speaker And Presenter, And You Will Close More Sales

Being a memorable public speaker when most people are scared to death of it, gives you an unfair advantage in your marketplace.

Leverage your skill set as a good public speaker for your videos, marketing, phone conversations and product presentations, and you will close more sales.

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