How NOT To Make Sales From Facebook Groups [Video]

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As the admin of the largest sales-related group on the largest social media site in the world, I know a thing or two about selling products to members of Facebook groups. My main group, Sales Talk with Sales Pros has over 55,000 active members and they are ALL real people.

About three years ago, I started the STWSP group and I wanted it to be a different place than all the other groups out there.

As a direct result of being the admin of that group, I’ve made 7 figures in gross product sales. It’s taken a lot of trial and error to get my pitch/process down to a science.

I see a lot of people in my groups and the groups of others making big mistakes. What people don’t realize is that spam is spam. The thing about spam is that some people don’t even realize they are spamming. When I started this blog, I would post links to this blog in other people’s Facebook groups. One time an admin accused me of spamming and I didn’t realize that just because I knew my site wasn’t spam, no one else did. Therefore, I got kicked out of several groups for doing just that.

Nowadays, I see members of my groups doing the same thing. It makes logical sense. Share a link, get some engagement is the plan but that’s not how it works. If you post a link to an unknown site in a FB group, just know that your post looks like spam. Especially if you just posted a link and didn’t write any text to go along with it.

In this video, I’ll share with you the strategies many salespeople are using to BLOW SALES and how YOU can avoid them and make sure you’re not losing sales by posting dumb stuff that looks like spam. Enjoy the video and share it with everyone you see who’s making these mistakes!

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