The Perfect Prospect Exercise [Video]

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The mind is an amazing thing. It always gets what it focuses on. Once you learn how to focus your mind, you can get anything in this life you want. The only thing separating you from whatever it is you want is your mind.

The same thing goes for your prospects. The only thing keeping you from working with perfect prospects is lack of clarity. You need to get clear on exactly who it is you can help, why you can help them, why they need your help and what the results they want are. Once you know all of this, your mind starts to seek out this “perfect prospect.”

It’s like when you go buy a new car. Before you buy the car, you hardly see any cars like it on the road. As soon as you buy the thing, you see cars just like it all over the road. It’s not that everyone ran out and bought a car like you, it’s that the mind is now focused on finding cars like the one you drive.

You need to take the time to design your perfect prospect.

In this video, I explain my perfect prospect and the process you can go through to design the person you want to do business with the most. Think about the best client you’ve ever had and base your perfect prospect around that person.

When the mind gets clear, the prospects will appear. The first step is to get the mind clear and that’s where you need to watch this video and follow the instructions I give you. I’d also like to invite you to join our mastermind at


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