Book Review: Start With Why by Simon Sinek

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Ryan Stewman



I first heard of Simon when I saw his viral video speech where he talked about millennials and how to treat them in the workplace. The title caught me off guard because everyone who works for me is a millennial, and I’ve never had problems with them. I guess you get what you look for.

When I watched the speech though, it spoke to me. It wasn’t just about millennials or the latest buzzword, it covered what really drives any sane human being. The power of their WHY. Problem is, most people don’t know the big why in their life, so they have to latch onto a why that’s given to them and that’s how synergy and production create a well-fueled machine with great counterparts.

This is a great book for entrepreneurs and business owners to read.

I highly recommend reading this book and watching some of Simon’s videos on YouTube.

Click this link to get the book now.

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