The Difference Between a Website and a Sales Funnel [Video]

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If you were around during the original dot-com bubble, you saw millions of businesses come online for the first time in history. Many of those small businesses still have the same site they originally set up for their business. Most businesses’ websites do more harm than good and most business owners don’t know how to fix their sites. Websites were once the only way you had to bring your business online; that is no longer the case.

Sales funnels are a website version 2.0 that is sweeping up the marketplace.

Sales funnels are a more functional, user-friendly version of a website.

Most websites are full of useless information, hard to navigate and confusing for the first-time visitor. Most business owners rely on their website to do too much and that overwhelms the visitor.

A sales funnel has only one function. That function is to collect the contact information of the person visiting the website. There isn’t an abundance of information and there aren’t a bunch of shiny objects to distract them. It’s usually a very simple offer in exchange for the contact information of the visitor.

In this video, I’ll go into detail about the difference between a regular website and a sales funnel and I’ll also show you how you can make good money selling these sales funnels to the business owners who need and want them. For the complete Funnel Closer training go to

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