Top 5 Most Hated Sales Jobs [Video]

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Not all sales jobs are created equally. Recently we surveyed our FB groups, email list and clients on what they thought the worst jobs in the sales industry were. I was actually surprised by the number one job. I figured the number two job would have been the top pick but … the facts don’t lie.

If you work in any of these five industries, then just know the public does not look favorably on you.

That’s a big-ass objection to overcome and my guess is that as soon as artificial intelligence can replace you, it will. Meanwhile, I’d urge you to look at other sales positions to occupy that might pay better and that will still be around in the next decade.

Lastly, don’t take this personally. I’m only trying to red pill you into the truth. I know the truth can piss you off, but only because you know it’s true. You work in sales. You have a choice in what you do and where you work. If you settle for any sales job instead of going all in and getting your dream sales job, you can’t blame anyone but yourself and that truth might sting a little.

This video was made to empower you and show you the other possibilities that lie out there, that are just waiting for you to make a good decision and take action. Sign up for my free training at


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