Billy Gene and Hardcore Closer Handle Sales Objections Live on The Air [Video]

Posted on April 29, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Last week, I stopped by the Billy Gene Is Marketing HQ to hang out with my pal, Billy. I first met Billy through Katrina Ruth who’s a badass marketer from Australia. I’m thankful for that introduction because I really like Billy Gene. He’s THE most creative genius I know when it comes to making epic viral videos.

I ran into Billy Gene at the Social Media Mastery event a few months ago and he had this ridiculous booth with his head spinning around on the top of it. It was the #1 attraction of the entire convention. He had people spinning a wheel, taking shots and winning laptop computers. Like I said, he’s an epic, creative genius.

When I spoke at Frank Kern’s event in La Jolla, I texted Billy to let him know I was in town.

He told me to come by his studio and let’s have some fun.

When I showed up, Billy had just pulled up out front in his new Ferrari California. He said to me “Well, I knew you were coming so I had to step my car game up before you got here,” and that shit melted my heart. Any time I see someone level up because I’ve inspired them, it reminds me why I do what I do. Plus, when a friend of mine gets something cool, it’s always a win in my book. We all gotta celebrate!

He took me on a tour of the place and then we went into his studio to do a Facebook live and talk sales and marketing. Below is the video we recorded and all of the insanity that took place. You’ll love this video and it’s full of sales and marketing wisdom. Watch it now and savor the lessons you learn from it.

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