From Broke To Balling in Less Than 4 Years – A Real Story of Success [Video]

Posted on April 29, 2018

Ryan Stewman



About three weeks ago, my friend and mentor, Frank Kern texted me and said, “Hey man, do you want to speak at my Inner Circle event coming up?” Of course, I screamed “YESSSSSS” through the text when I messaged my response back. You see, Frank has been my mentor for almost a decade. He was the guy who opened my mind up to the possibilities of living the life I live today.

Flash forward three weeks and I’m on a first class flight to La Jolla, California with my cameraman ready to entertain Frank’s people.

When I arrived at the hotel where the event was, it occurred to me that I had been there before. I searched the cloudy memory banks of my subconscious but I could not figure out why I had been to that hotel. It wasn’t a past Frank Kern event. It wasn’t for Garrett J. White. I just couldn’t friggin’ remember what I had been there for.

So, I hit my assistant, Lindsay up at midnight Texas time with a text and asked her to look it up. Like always, Lindsay was in the clutch no matter the time, and she sent me back a text with a screenshot of The Boardroom event with Kent Clothier. Kent is one of the coolest, most genuine people I have ever met. He’s the king of investment real estate advertising and I am a huge fan. The event was held in December of 2014, less than four years ago.

At the time of Kent’s event, my life was much different than it is now. I had just cut ties with a biz partner who had developed a bad drug habit and left me with some major bills, and I had also just settled a divorce that cost me pretty much everything I owned.

Needless to say, when I went to Kent’s event I was so broke I couldn’t pay attention.

I still made it to the event though, and lo and behold, in true Force of Average fashion, some other shit happened to me that screwed me up in ways you can’t imagine. In this video, I’ll tell you the entire, hilarious, yet sad story of what occurred and the triumphant return to success that followed. Take a few minutes today to watch this inspiring story of success.

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