3 Daily Moves That Led To Me Earning Millions From Social Media [Video]

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Ryan Stewman



I’ve been making good money from social media since way before it was the cool thing to do. Matter of fact, when I started this blog, I got the nickname “Hardcore Closer” because I was relentless in convincing people you can make money from social media. Back in 2008, no one believed you could profit from Facebook. They treated me like I was stupid.

I knew it was possible though. Only because I had done it. When I was still originating mortgages, I would get leads from social media. I’d post on Facebook about being a top producer and closing mortgages and people would reach out to me and ask for my help.

While everyone else was knocking doors, I was posting on Facebook.

It may seem crazy, but back then, no one believed social media was here to stay. They called it a “fad” and said it wouldn’t last. They thought Facebook was temporary like Myspace was. No one wanted to get too invested in it. On the other hand, I saw big opportunities and jumped right on them.

Before there were ads on Facebook, I realized that people bought from people they knew, liked and trusted. The people I was connected to on Facebook had the opportunity to know, like and trust me if I did my job right. That’s when I came up with the “Lucky 7 Method” which you will learn about in this video. If you follow the Lucky 7 Method for a month, you WILL get business from social media. The key is sticking to it.

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