Why You Should Only Focus on Your Best Prospects [Video]

Posted on June 01, 2018

Ryan Stewman



You shouldn’t do business with people you don’t like. For some reason, salespeople will work 10X as hard trying to please an asshole prospect, as they will to help a great prospect. If someone doesn’t appreciate the hard work you are doing for them, don’t do it. I gave up trying to please difficult prospects years ago. 

I bet you’ve been in this situation before…

The prospect drives a hard bargain, slashes your commission and reluctantly, you still let them do the deal. After the deal is over, they come back to you, complaining, and wanting more shit done. Then when you refuse to do the extra items, they go online and tell everyone how horrible your company is and why people shouldn’t trust you. 

Meanwhile, the clients that you give great service to and that you charge full price and treat half as well as the bad prospects, love you and send you referrals but you never really pay them much attention. I call this “the salesman’s curse.” I see it happen to salespeople and companies every day. 

You don’t have to work with people you don’t like!

In the time you spend trying to make a difficult prospect happy, you can close 10 regular prospects and make 100X the money. The problem is, most of us think that we don’t earn “laydown sales” but this is simply not true. A sale is a sale; embrace it and enjoy every single one you close. 

In this video, I’ll explain it all. Also, in order to get more awesome customers and fewer dickhead customers, you need a way to generate leads online. Even if you have ZERO tech skills, my product PhoneSites will help you create landing pages and sales funnels from your phone in a matter of minutes that convert and work really well. Sign up today at PhoneSites.com 

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