How To Close Any Sale All the Time [Video]

Posted on July 08, 2018

Ryan Stewman



Since you’re reading this, I’ll consider you smart. Smart people read blogs like this looking for ways to grow their income, while average people read BuzzFeed and take quizzes. The problem with smart people, though, is that we tend to complicate things that are simple. Overcomplication is the smart salesman’s worst nightmare and they don’t even realize they are doing it half the time. It’s as if they are dreaming. Let me explain.

I always say, “KEEPING IT SIMPLE SELLS” and I live by that analogy.

The simpler it is to understand, the easier it is to make a decision. When you teach too much, you confuse your prospect and then they have to “think about it,” which in most cases means, the prospect will think their way out of a decision instead of into one.

If you want to close any sale, any time, anywhere, you need to keep things simple. There are only a couple of things that really matter when it comes to sales. When value exceeds price, the prospect buys. When you keep it simple, the prospect makes a decision. Remember to keep these two things in mind during all your sales calls, and you will have a better chance of closing.

In this video, I’ll teach you how you can easily close any sale, at any time. All you have to do is stick to the script and follow the process I outline. If you sway from my formula or overcomplicate it, you will lose sales.

It really is that simple.

Lastly, if you want more sales to close, you need more leads. The easiest place to get leads is from online sources like social media. The easiest way to get those leads is by creating a sales funnel. And the easiest way to create a sales funnel is by using PhoneSites allows you to create a sales funnel from any mobile device in under 5 minutes without any training. Sign up today and fill your inbox up with leads.

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