How Successful Salespeople Think [Video]

Posted on September 05, 2018

Ryan Stewman



I’ve been saying, “When you change your mind, you change your life” for decades now. I know the difference between a winner and a loser is mindset. No matter what you were born with or without, the right mindset will make up the deficit. We see elite athletes with no legs. We know famous musicians and artists who are blind. You can bet your ass that mindset was what got them where they are.

Salespeople are no different. “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right” is a famous saying by Henry Ford. When he said it, he was addressing a winning mindset and how important it is to get your mind right in order to get your life right. We can take two salespeople from the same company, with the same tools and watch one barely survive while the other one gets rich beyond expectations.

What separates these two salespeople types is mindset.

The one who struggles is struggling internally and until they change their mind, their situation will never improve. While the one who is winning has programmed themselves to win despite the odds stacked against them.

In this video, I’ll go into mindset and how winners and successful salespeople think. Success leaves clues all around us. It’s up to us to find those clues and use them to gain our own success.

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