Power vs. Force: A Discussion For Salespeople [Video]

Posted on February 15, 2019

Ryan Stewman



Sales is physical. You physically need energy, drive, and most of all, momentum. Momentum is science talk for a “hot streak.” As salespeople, we need to keep up our momentum, so we don’t fall off into a slump. We do physical activities to stay energized as well as take physical action. I’m talking about physical activities like picking up the phone, writing an email, going to the door, etc.

In physics, there’s often a discussion about Power vs Force.

It’s time we had this discussion in the sales community.

Most salespeople rely on force to earn their pay. Force gets immediate results. To take something by force implies instant action. While force may be effective, it is hardly efficient. If you are going to grow and scale your pipeline, you must become efficient with your operations. Force will only get you so far.

Below is a list of forced sales tactics:
-Cold Calls
-Door Knocking
-Face to face networking

The most efficient way to close sales is with power. The struggle for most is that power takes time to build. After all, probably the most powerful thing we can think of is the sun and it took 4.6 billion years to become that powerful. Power takes time, but power also takes over. Not to mention the fact that power attracts. When you tap into the attraction side of sales you win big.

Below is a list of power moves in sales:
-Writing a book
-Getting PR from reputable outlets

When you’re starting out, you may have to work with force, but that should not stop you from already making power moves. Once you can take your sales game from force to power, all your wildest dreams will come true. Many struggle to make this shift because it’s not cheap, it’s not easy and it takes time.

Those who do make the shift make big bucks.

Another power move is setting up a funnel with automated follow up. I created a system that captures and talks to leads on your behalf to give you a hand. You can use that system for free at PhoneSites.com

Watch the video below to learn about power and influence:

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