Why I Changed

Posted on February 05, 2019

Ryan Stewman



I get asked a lot, why I changed.

Why I no longer talk about drugs and call people out.

There are several lessons I’ve learned that have changed my mind and my life.

#1) The “Train Wreck Theory”
Everyone loves watching a train wreck. But no one is buying tickets to it.

Sure, I’ll watch some trains crash, but I’m not buying a ticket for either of those trains.

I learned that if I was being a train wreck, crashing into other people, sure it’s entertainment but most people won’t pay for it.

#2) The Magnification Principle
Money is a magnifier. Most people who know me in real life will tell you I’m a super nice and polite guy.

When I get low on money I get hangry. Just like you get mad when you’re hungry, I get mad when I’m not rich.

The more money I get, the nicer I am. The more money I have the better person I become. Money magnifies my true character.

#3) Abundant thinking
When I was scratching money together I was angry. I was scared that if others were getting money, then I must be losing it.

This scarcity mindset was killing me. Just because they were winning didn’t mean I lost.

But I had this in my head somehow, and it was really hurting me.

I realize now that we can all win. I want my competition to win. I want everyone to win. Just because they win don’t mean I lose. We can all win.

These are the three biggest reasons I changed. There are a few more but these three are what changed me into who I’ve become.

As I get older and mature I realize there are better ways of doing life. After 37 years of anger and fear of abandonment, I decided to work on my mind for the last two years.

I changed my mind and it changed my life.

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