How To Create a Modern Day Sales Machine [Video]

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The way we close sales is rapidly changing. This isn’t your grandpa’s sales era. Hell, it’s not even your dad’s sales era.

In the last 5 years, the way sales are closed has completely changed.

Just 5 years ago, no one was doing business on social media. Instagram was still a baby and was just starting to pick up a user base.

How To Create a Modern Day Sales Machine

The buying habits of the modern shopper have changed from exploring the mall to scrolling on Amazon. From trying shoes on, to ordering from an app and having them delivered. From going to a store for brand name clothes to shopping your favorite artists Shopify store.

Times have changed and so has the way buyers buy.

Knowing this and being in sales, this means you have to adapt too. You need a sales machine that matches up with the habits the modern shopper already possess. That’s where the modern day sales machine comes in.

Watch this video and see how easy it is to set up a sales machine that captures attention and data from people likely to buy from you. 

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