Impostor Syndrome: Is It Really a Bad Thing?

Posted on September 10, 2019

Drewbie Wilson



Guest post by Drewbie Wilson

It has been estimated that nearly 70 percent of individuals will experience signs and symptoms of impostor phenomenon at least once in their life, according to The Open Notebook.

So what is impostor syndrome?

It has been classified as the psychological pattern in which a person doubts their ability or accomplishments to the point they experience anxiety, stress, or fear of being exposed as a “fraud.” It doesn’t matter if the truth is otherwise, the individual remains convinced they are undeserving of their success.

Why does this happen?

As we begin to level up in life and in business we start realizing how much more there is to be learned and how much more we have to accomplish to reach the next level.  For many, it starts when you or others in your circle begin leveling up at a pace much faster than you are used. You start to wonder if it’s a stroke of luck, or if you truly deserve to be where you are.


Think about it like this… If the root of impostor syndrome is a feeling of fear, based solely on our internal struggles of coming across as the truth, does that not come from a place of true love and honor? The reason you worry is that you’re a good person who truly cares about providing value to those around you.  Someone who wants to help others become more successful in their own right.  Why be ashamed of that? You should be celebrating the fact that you’re looking to help others!

From now on you need to be focused on continuing to learn and educate yourself to the next level. This will be the easiest way for you to fight the impostor syndrome off and provide TRUE value to the world around you.

Here are a few more ways to help you fight off those false feelings.

1. Understand that this feeling is normal, and the majority of society will experience it at some point in their lives.

2. Take a moment to step back and realize that it’s OK to not know “everything.”

3.  Talk to a trusted friend or adviser about the situation.

4. Remind yourself of the many wonderful accomplishments you have under your belt.

5. Seek out a mentor who can offer you guidance on the next steps.

If you’d like help leveling up so you can continue to help those around you, consider surrounding yourself with a group of individuals whose purpose is to help others grow into the most elite version of themselves. Please contact Drewbie for help getting started today.

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