Getting The Work Done While On The Road

Posted on October 13, 2019

Drewbie Wilson



By Drewbie Wilson

At some point in your life as a salesperson, you may want the ability to work from anywhere.

This is an incredibly freeing opportunity for most people. The ability to make your own hours and work when you feel the most creative sounds like heaven. That is until you get a sense of the true commitment required to stay on top of the work. For those of you who fight through those initial distractions, you’ve probably created a good routine to stay busy.

What happens when you start traveling more?

When you’re traveling for work or family vacations, it can be tough to stay on top of your routines during these adventures. Something that all top producers go through is figuring out how to properly adjust their routine to continue getting the most out of their day while traveling. The easiest way to get things figured out is to plan out your days accordingly.  For those of you following the G-Code, you know there are 4 areas you need to be focused on each day to become the most elite version of yourself.

G-Code = Gratitude, Grind, Group, Genetics.

The first “G” stands for gratitude and this should be pretty easy to keep on top of. Writing down 5 things you’re grateful for should be the first thing you do every morning when you open your eyes. From there it’s a matter of staying grateful throughout the day for the people you are interacting with and who are supporting you on your mission for greatness. Take the time to appreciate the random conversations you have with strangers. The hotel clerk, the Uber driver… they all have a story to share and you never know when one of them could be your newest client. Sell them PhoneSites!

When it comes to the grind, you should know exactly what you need to get done each day to stay productive and hit your goals. Plan your meetings and sales calls accordingly. Are you going to be in a different time zone? You need to know how that will affect the structure of your day.  Take the time to set up your calendar when you know a trip will be coming. The sooner you know what your days will entail, the sooner you can fill the remaining time with productive activities. Don’t forget to take advantage of your travel time to fit in some reading, too. Planes and airports are great places to catch up on the latest sales and marketing books.

Typically, traveling for work is going to be hard on the family and that’s where Group comes in. It’s important to make time for them while on the road. With the invention of smart technology like FaceTime and Skype, this has been made much easier.  Still, if you aren’t intentional about setting a reminder to check-in, it’s easy to get busy and forget. The same thing goes for your employees and the operations staff at your business. Make sure to keep in contact with the folks who keep your life operating at max capacity. They need you more than you know.

Finally, one of the most difficult parts of staying on the G-Code while traveling is the last “G”… GENETICS.

Usually, when traveling, we are eating out more than usual, drinking a few extra cocktails more than usual, and finding less and less time to get in a workout.  Think about the last time you walked by the hotel gym… was anyone in there getting after it? There probably weren’t too many people; if anyone was even there at all.  Before you hit the road, make plans for how you can continue to get in your minimum 45-60 minutes per day of exercise. Make sure you pack the proper attire, bring whatever gadgetry needed, and figure out where you can do your workouts efficiently.

The last thing you want to do is get off track and give yourself any excuses for a lack of production while traveling.

If you want to know more about hitting all areas of the G-Code and overcoming any excuses you might have, head on over to and check out the FREE video we made just for you.

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