ReWire 421: Just Because Their Winning Doesn’t Mean Your Losing

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Just because someone you don’t like is winning it doesn’t mean you are losing. 

Often times, when we see or hear about someone we don’t like, appreciate or has done us wrong in the past, is successful and great things are happening for them something bad is happening to you.

We call this the force of average. 

We start comparing ourselves to other people and when we see someone we don’t like we start to think about and focus on the lack of success we might be dealing with at the moment. 

The sooner you can wrap your head around the fact that you should be happy for anyone that is winning because that means they are doing something good in the world. 

In this episode of The ReWire Podcast, Ryan Stewman talks about how just because others are winning doesn’t mean you’re losing. 

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Just Because Their Winning Doesn’t Mean Your Losing

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