THC Podcast 193: How To Follow-Up With Sales Prospects

Posted on November 25, 2019

Producer Robert



The biggest mistake a salesperson can make is to not follow-up. 

The money is always in the follow-up, but yet the majority of salespeople still don’t do it. 

Why is that do you think?

There are multiple key reasons why salespeople follow-up. 

The first one is they have no additional value to add. 

Another reason salespeople don’t follow-up is they are just plain scared. 

Another reason is they think they feel like they don’t have a reason to follow-up. 

The last key reason salespeople don’t follow-up with prospects is they are just flat out lazy. 

Don’t be a meeter or greeter. 

Be a sales closer! 

If you want to be a sales closer you need to be a professional when it comes to following up with prospects. 

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman talks about how to follow-up with sales prospects.

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 How To Follow-Up With Sales Prospects


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