Why Do We Waste So Much?

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By Drewbie Wilson
Humans are the most wasteful animal on the planet. We buy things and throw them away without even using them, everything from food to household goods. There are companies whose entire business model is taking items from people who no longer want them, FOR FREE, and then selling them to the public at reduced prices. 

When was the last time you bought the ingredients for a special meal and let them go to waste?

That’s what it is like when you invest in a program and don’t absorb the content. When you don’t take action on the information presented to you, you are basically throwing away wasted potential. It seems to be a common problem in the world today. Folks will spend a bit of money and make the assumption the rest will happen on its own. But nothing happens in this world without effort.
So why is it that people will invest in some sort of education, fail to pay attention or take any sort of action, and then go on to complain about their lack of results to anyone who will listen?
That meal you bought all the ingredients for isn’t going to chop itself up, pre-heat the oven, and remind you to stir occasionally. Even meal prep companies do everything for you all the way up to the point where they ask you to warm the food up. You have to do the work to complete the recipe. It’s the same way in every part of your life.
Doing the work means handling everything from preparation to clean up. You have to follow through from beginning to end if you want to be more successful. Nobody wants a half-cooked chicken breast on their plate, the same way they don’t want a half-completed house they paid you to build for them.

You can be given the award-winning recipe but without the proper effort and ingredients, it is worthless!

If you’ve done your homework and invested in the proper programs—something with a proven history of success for others in your situation—you should have no reason not to get the results you want unless you are failing to do the work. This is why meal prep companies exist and why coaching and mentoring programs work so well. They give you everything you need for success; the only thing you have to do is follow the recipe.
If you want to have more success in your life, start doing the work. Put in the extra effort to pay attention and absorb the knowledge being presented to you…especially if you are paying for it!
If you’d like the recipe to living a better life and being more successful you need access to The Apex. There’s a catch though… Like what we just talked about, this stuff won’t work unless you do. If you’re committed to making the best life possible, head over to www.jointheapex.com and submit your application. We look forward to giving you an inside look at our successful kitchen!

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