3 Ballsy Moves that Lead to More Closed Sales

Posted on January 19, 2014

Ryan Stewman



Yeah. Yeah. We all know you’re reading this because you want more closed sales. Who doesn’t want to close more sales? Losers and lazy people don’t want to close more sales, which for the most part, is why they are losers and lazy. Assuming you don’t fit into either of those categories, I’m going to share with you 3 ballsy moves that will lead to more closed sales.     

Notice I said “3 ballsy moves” not “3 weak approaches.” Pay attention. I used “ballsy” as my word of choice for a reason. So many people in sales are truly not qualified to be in sales in the first place. These are the same people who get overwhelmed with fear over the phone and in person. How you embrace that fear is how you overcome objections. If your fears guide you into being scared of your prospect, you can never effectively overcome their objections.  

One of the biggest issues for salesmen is the ability to clearly ask for the business. Weak-ass salespeople are afraid of the word “no.” A good salesperson loves the word “no.” It gives them a challenge to overcome and/or it’s a firm decision made, so now he/she can move on.  

A big time waster in sales is spent trying to convince people to do business with you, who in no way can benefit from what ya got. The difference between a phone call and a sales call is HUGE. A phone call can be had with anyone. A sales call is only held with someone who can buy your product and who also stands to benefit from it.  

These 3 ballsy moves will turn you into a straight up gangster in sales. The only issue is that you gotta be confident in your game in order to pull these moves off. Punk ass salesmen need not attempt. What I’m about to share with you isn’t for the weak.  

Ballsy Move #1:

Skip the bullshit and get right to it. Most salespeople try to backdoor their prospects, and sometimes it’s without lube if ya know what I mean. People hate having their time wasted and salespeople are experts at doing it. Come to think of it, that’s probably one of the major reasons people hate us salesfolk. (Fuck ’em). 

Salespeople rarely know when to shut the fuck up. They will ramble on for multiple minutes and sometimes even an hour, without giving their prospect a chance to talk or breathe. A Closer knows the client has to do the telling so you can do the selling. Once you get the prospect talking, you can identify their issue and solve it with your product or services.  

So, next time you’ve done your homework and you’ve identified the prospect, don’t waste their time. Go in direct. Go in for the close. Ask for the business. Quit wasting time with backstories about you and your shit. Get to it.  

Ballsy Move #2:

Call your prospects out. If you’re good at asking questions, you can get your prospects to admit they need you before they even realize they’ve admitted it. Once a salesman has drawn out reasons the prospect needs their shit, a salesman with balls can go back and call them out if they say “no.”  

By calling out, I mean saying things like: “Well, Jim just two minutes ago, you said if you didn’t take action on doing something you were going to lose a shit-ton of money. I don’t know why you’re resisting this deal. You need it. You even said so.” Most salesfolk shake in their boots when they have to be real and call the prospect out for their own good.  

If you have enough confidence to call your targets out, they will sense it, feel it and want to do business with a ballsy salesman. Plus, you should love your prospects enough to really want to help them. If you love something you stop at nothing to help it.  

Ballsy Move #3:

Turn down business you don’t need/want. Most salespeople will just take any deal. Taking just any deal can be burdensome. Usually, as a Closer, you get the intuition that a deal might be harder than the average transaction. This intuition almost always comes to fruition in several forms. Not only will you usually work harder, but the money seems to always be short on these mercy deals, too.  

Mercy deals take time away from your ability to do more. They pay less and you invest more time in most cases. Some of you have convinced yourselves you do it to give back or some bullshit like that. Truth is, you are being taken advantage of by your clients and you need to break that shit off.  

Turn down the deals you really don’t want and watch the deals you do want start showing up. If a realtor takes on a $60K property when they normally sell $400K homes, that $60K home is bad for branding and requires the same, if not more work, as the $400K home. Have the gall to say, “No.”  

If you got what it takes to be a Closer, then these 3 ballsy moves are nothing for you to use to crush it. Matter of fact if you’re going to be a Closer you’re going to need insane amounts of confidence. Where does confidence come from? Testosterone!!!! It’s time to be ballsy, bitches. Time to man up and care enough about your prospects to close their indecisive asses.  


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