3 Simple Steps To Staying Productive When Working From Home

Posted on April 06, 2020

Drewbie Wilson



At the time of writing this, individuals countrywide are being asked quarantine themselves due to covid-19, otherwise known as coronavirus. While many sales professionals and business owners are being asked to make adjustments to their routine I wanted to take some time to share a few tips on staying productive while working from home.


When I first started my entrepreneurial journey and began working from home back in March of 2019, I quickly realized how easy it was to be distracted by the many things needed around the house.


Laundry, dishes, dogs needing let out, the ever-growing “to-do” list, and any other myriad of miscellaneous tasks that kept me from doing the things that would allow me to pay the mortgage.

3 Simple Steps To Staying Productive When Working From Home

As my own “boss,” I needed a way to keep myself on task and productive otherwise, there would be a direct correlation in the size of my income.  There were a few simple rules that needed to be put in place for me to achieve maximum performance.

1. Create a specific daily routine

You need to live and die by your calendar. Making your calendar the ultimate boss will be the only way to get everything done your life will require. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed, everything needs to be documented and accounted for.


Go through your day and figure out exactly what needs to be done. Break it down to 20-30 minute increments and map out your day for productivity. Make sure to include family time and breaks in there as well. Being the best version of yourself means hitting all four areas of the <G>Code, even if that means your Grind happens from home.

2. It’s time to break the news to the people you live with

The only way you will be able to stick to the routine is if the people around you respect it the way you do. This includes spouses, children, family, boyfriend/girlfriends, and anyone else who might happen to be around you. Establish boundaries for yourself by always working from the same area of the house.


If possible, set up a small office area where you can be detached from the rest of the action. If you want to stay focused, you need to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Your children must understand this rule, as well. If you are home throughout the day, unless they are older, they won’t know why you cannot spend time with them. To make this easier on everyone, including your spouse or significant other, you have to make sure they are on the calendar as well. When it’s their time, shut down the laptop and put the phone away.


Being present at home is just as crucial to your success as being present at work.

3. Avoid your refrigerator and the pantry

Maintain your good eating habits, and if you didn’t have any before, this is the best time to get them under control. It’s easy to find yourself grabbing a handful of chips, or a couple of cookies as you walk through the kitchen and think to yourself the extra boost of energy will help.


Trust me, those excess sugars and fats are going to hurt you far more than they help.  The more you eat outside of your routine, the more your body will be using its energy on digestion instead of helping you focus on the task at hand. You’ll start to notice yourself getting a bit foggy throughout the afternoon and return to the kitchen for another “energy-boosting snack,” which repeats as a vicious cycle.


If you can implement these three simple things in your day, you’ll have the ability to stay productive while working from home.


Once you’ve figured out how to stay productive, you might consider finding a way to surround yourself with success-driven individuals who can push you to continue on the path to greatness from anywhere in the world.


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