3 Steps To Closing More Sales and Making FU Money

Posted on August 03, 2020

Ryan Stewman




Before I get into the lesson of this post, I want you to know that what I’m talking about here, I’m doing from not only personal experience, but the experience of 1000s of other successful people too.


This means that those of you who want to argue unless you have made FUCK YOU money yourself, save it.


If you’re not making 7+ figures a year YOUR WAY, maybe it’s time to listen to the advice from those who have. 


It’s always the $40k a year guy who thinks they know best.

The first step to closing a shit-ton of sales is to get the attention of your prospects.


So how do you do this?


In order to get attention, you must put yourself in the shoes of your prospect.


  • What do they struggle with?
  • What do they do for fun?
  • What problems do they face regularly?
  • What is their ideal outcome?
  • What are they into?
  • Who do they sell to?
  • Who else sells to them?
  • What makes them buy?


Once you start to create a profile on your prospect, you can start to formulate a plan that gets their attention based on what THEY like/need not what YOU like to sell them.


Your prospects don’t care about your product. They care about themselves and if you can’t articulate that your product makes their life better, they won’t even care about your product.


Look at Gary V. He sells to HUGE companies who want social media influence and eyes on their products. So what does Gary do? 


He gets a massive amount of attention from everyday people, to prove that his process works.


Gary knows exactly what the ideal prospect to the companies he reps looks like. They are young, they are inexperienced, they are easily persuaded. 


So when he approaches some toothpaste company to sign up with him, he can show them how millions of people with teeth already follow him.


When you start talking about things that your ideal prospects want to talk about, they start giving you attention. That’s what you need first before you can do anything else.

The second step to closing a fuck-load of sales is trust

So how do you get that?


In order to gain trust, you must appear as if you know what the fuck you are talking about. In other words, become the EXPERT.


The steps to becoming an expert are actually very simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy. Don’t confuse the two terms with each other.


Expert is the root word of experience. In order to become an expert, you need experience.


The expert formula:

  • Do the experiments
  • Gain the experience
  • Become the expert


Summed up, that means do the work, learn the results of the work, gain knowledge from the work.


People don’t like idiots. They don’t buy from idiots. They don’t talk to idiots. They avoid idiots like the COVID.


No one ever says “I bought this product from an idiot who had no clue what he was talking about and I think I did the right thing for myself”


Instead they say “I didn’t buy from that guy because he was a bumbling moron.”


When you know your shit, people know you know your shit and they want to buy from you. They trust you. You’re the expert and it shows.


You don’t have to tell people you’re an expert, they know. They trust you because you know your shit.


My friend Frank Kern is a great example of this. He’s been a part of more launches and more successful products than just about anyone I know. He doesn’t have to tell you he’s an expert, you know.


When Frank speaks you almost immediately trust him. He’s smart, nice, and 100% likable. Then when you look into him you find out he’s done a lot of experiments to get where he is. He’s the authority in his marketplace.


Most of what Frank talks about is jokes, and shit like that. That’s how he gets your attention (step 1) then you realize he’s doing what he does by design, not by default and you almost immediately trust him.

The third step to closing an ass-tronomical amount of sales is your offer

So what makes a good offer?


An offer consists of what the prospect WANTS (not needs) without what they don’t want.


An offer should always be so simple a 5th grader knows what you are offering. The more complex the offer, the more thinking the prospect will have to do before they take you up on it.


For example, when I sold mortgages, I didn’t explain interest rates or how the bond market worked. I simply told them they could get the house, at an affordable payment without missing the deadline on their purchase contract.


The prospect didn’t care if rates were low, what caused them to be low and how the secondary market worked. They just wanted a house, and they needed it to close by the date on the contract.


When I simplified the buying process down to this form, I outsold everyone.


My offer was: Get a low rate on the home you want to buy and be ready to close before the date on your contract.


I would listen to other LOs teach their prospects how the market worked and then get frustrated because their prospects wanted to play the market and get a lower rate if they could. Most people are natural gamblers and the other LOs taught them how to make smarter bets.


Meanwhile, I kept it simple and sold circles around everyone. The less they knew, the easier the transaction was for me.


So there you have it. Three steps to make FU money in sales.






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