3 Steps To Quickly Breaking a Sales Slump

Posted on March 19, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Rock bottom? Yeah. I’ve been there a few times. Which is a few more than I’d like, but it is what it is, and it’s in the past. I’ve suffered slumps that I thought would never end. Missing a few sales is one thing. Missing a few sales and being a month from going to federal prison is next-level slump sh*t.
The year was 2007. On April 15th I was sentenced to 15 months fed time. I had 60 days to sell all I could to prepare myself for a little over a year of incarceration. Needless to say, my mind was not on selling mortgages. Up until April 15th, I had been really distracted and couldn’t seem to get out of it.
On April 15th, when the judge gave me my time, I had to shake my slump, get serious as f*ck and get my life together for the next two months.

Sadly, this wasn’t the first or the last time I’d have to perform under intense pressure. 

Prior to April 15th, I had been in a slump. I had been dragging my ass, sleeping later and feeling sorry for myself. You know, the trifecta of f*cking up. When the judge slammed the gavel, I had to wake up, snap out of it and start kicking ass immediately. In retrospect, there were three things I did that allowed me to make $100K in less than 60 days back in 2007.
You may be faced with spousal infidelity, divorce, child issues, insane bills or whatever it is. No matter what you’re facing, be glad you’re free and able to face it. The pressure you’re under was created by you and you alone. Just like I caused the issue that sent me to prison, you caused the issue that got you where you are. The sooner you own it, the sooner you can get over it. 
In 2014, I was served with divorce papers and kicked out of my home. My wife, at the time, was awarded the home and I had to make a move. My bank account was frozen and I had to spend my last dollars on a stupid-ass lawyer. I also needed $10K quickly to move to a new place. I had to snap from my slump again and get over it.

Here’s how I did it in three steps. 

Get Focused on the Solution: First, you must find out what it is that you need/want to happen. Identify what I call the “trigger.” The trigger is the thing that needs to happen to make everything get back to normal. The trigger is not making more money. The trigger is what you plan to do with the money to make what needs to happen, happen. 
Once you identify the trigger, you need to obsess over it. I’m talking obsession. Relentless obsession. If you put all of your time, focus and attention on the trigger, your mind will be too busy to remember that it’s in a slump. You get what you obsess over. You might as well obsess over solutions instead of your problem.
Change Your Routine: You can’t get something new by doing the same old shit. If you want different results, you have to try different shit. The routine you’re in during the slump is the routine that got you there. You gotta break that sh*t. Life comes in patterns. We are creatures of habit. You need to switch up your habits and routine.
For example, if you make calls in the morning, switch to the afternoon. If you send emails with the same old lines in them, write new ones. You must change if you want to see change. If you work from home now, you need to move to Starbucks or a friend’s office. You’ve got to switch it up. This sends signals to the brain that help break slumps too, but I don’t have the time to go into detail on it.
Find a Slump-Buster: A slump-buster is a laydown sale that helps you break the losing streak. It’s a professional baseball term used by upstanding guys like Jose Canseco. When MLB players have a no-hit streak, they go bang a big girl to break their patterns up. The big girls are called “slump-busters.” In sales, a slump-buster is a laydown sale that you know you can close. 
It’s the confidence builder that reminds you, you still have it and can go on to dominate. You get a slump-buster sale under your belt, and you’re one step closer to the trigger. Double points when the slump-buster is the trigger!

It’s inevitable that life is going to pressure you into a slump from time to time.

Sales is a numbers game. It’s a gamble. Sometimes you’re hot; sometimes you’re not. When you get on a hot streak, remember what you did and use it as leverage down the road when you go cold. 
I’ve had some massive dips in my success along the way. I’ve had to break myself out of slumps more times than I care to admit. Take my advice and use these three steps to get out of a slump. Even if you’re not in a slump now, save this link and read it when sh*t ain’t so good. 
Another great way to get out of a slump is to surround yourself with a mastermind of people who are driven, smart, and doing big things. I’ve done the hard work and created that environment for you at breakfreeacademy.com/entourage. Join us today!

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