3 Things You Must Do Daily To Improve Your Sales Skills [Video]

Posted on May 17, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Being a salesman in the modern marketplace is more than just being good on the phone and a face-to-face closer. You need exceptional communication skills to prosper in today’s competitive market. When I say communication skills, I don’t just mean verbal skills either. 
Today, most communication takes place via text. By text, I’m talking about text messages, DMs, emails and social media posts. If you’re not working equally as hard on your typing skills as you are your talking skills you’re getting left behind by those of us committed to selling no matter what platform it’s on.
Every day, I practice doing three things that will help improve my sales skills across the board. While others are practicing their pitch, I’m practicing my process. Daily. 
In this video, I’ll show you the three things you need to do every day, why you need to do them and what the benefits of doing these three things are. The way sales take place is changing, you need to embrace the future of sales and start perfecting your craft through not-so-traditional ways. 
Lastly, make sure you share this video with a fellow salesperson who needs their eyes opened to the evolution our industry is currently facing. To get ahead of ALL trends, you can join our mastermind at www.breakfreeacademy.com/entourage 

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