3 Weapons that will Murder the Force of Average and Lead to Success

Posted on February 25, 2020

Ryan Stewman



If you’ve been following Ryan Stewman for any length of time, you will know about the Force of Average (FOA).  If you haven’t heard of it, I suggest you check out this video here: https://youtu.be/8tWF72ffNnw and read some other articles here on the blog, so you can fully understand what you are up against.


The gist is that the Force of Average is working against us every day to keep us stuck being average in everything.  Every choice we make either feeds the FOA or kills it. The threat is real. He is there to attack every aspect of your life.  He is there to keep you broke, fat, and lonely.


You need to realize that the Force of Average is your worst enemy.  If you let your guard down for even a moment, then you subject yourself to his power once again. If you wish to permanently rid yourself of the mediocrity that accompanies average, then you have to be willing to fight it… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  To win, it is essential that you consistently arm yourself with tools and weapons that will not only weaken your enemy but will CONQUER him.


Every successful person you know has once battled a constant fight with the FOA, just like you may be right now.  But once you can utilize a proven plan of attack to defeat him, he can no longer pose a threat to your potential empire.


Do yourself a favor and learn and incorporate these 3 success strategies in your life, so that you can create a shield of protection around you that can save your health, grow your wealth, and preserve your relationships.

3 Weapons that will Murder the Force of Average and Lead to Success

Here they are:


  1. Mindset 
  2. Mentorship
  3. Massive Action


Let’s dive deeper into what it means to have a success mindset.  Mindset involves 3 components.


  • Desire – This is the very first weapon on the battlefront because if you don’t care to change, you won’t.
  • Belief –  You need to believe in yourself and know that you can accomplish whatever it is you set out to do.
  • Motivation –  Get the push to get off your butt and go to work doing whatever it takes to accomplish your objective and push through whatever the FOA has to throw at you.
Once you have these three components in place, you will be armed for battle and ready to take down the Force of Average every time he rears his ugly head at you again.  Always be ready. This is true for any aspect of your life. Whether you are trying to make a million bucks or trying to lose 100 pounds. The concept is the same.


Having the right mentor to guide you through this massive battle is giving you a proverbial machine gun in the fight. Your chances of winning increase dramatically. It’s like having your own war hero on your side who has been through every battle, knows the enemy’s strategies, and is willing to show you the way to win each fight, and ultimately triumph in the war.


So many people skip this step and try to go it alone, only to end quitting down the road because they don’t know how to navigate through all the pitfalls and roadblocks.  Or they continue plugging along, wasting away their sad and pathetic life to the whims of the FOA.


A great mentor will immensely cut your learning curve and will give you a huge advantage in accomplishing whatever it is you put your mind to.  But choose wisely. There are a ton of fake gurus out there who just want your money. Find someone you look up to, who has accomplished what you are aiming to do, and model what they are doing and follow their lead.


A really great mentor is someone who can help you with the following:
    • Inventory – Taking an accounting of where you are and where you want to be.
    • Planning – Making a plan of action that is going to get you to where you want to be in a certain timeline.  Setting achievable goals and doing the necessary required actions each day to make those goals a reality.
    • Elimination – Getting rid of things in your life that are toxic…things that are feeding the FOA.  You don’t need that crap in your life, whether it is toxic people, toxic food, or toxic substances.  Get all that junk out of your life.
    • Accountability – Finding accountability partners to check in with daily to keep yourself on track.
    • Community – Having a group of like-minded people that you can share your wins and losses with, your thoughts, goals, and dreams with and just making great friends with people that are trying to level themselves up the same way you are.

    Massive Action

    The last weapon on our list against the Force of Average is completely up to you.  And honestly, it is the most powerful of all the tools, because even if you have everything else in place..the right mindset, and the most incredible mentor…if you sit on your butt and don’t do anything, then you have no chance of ever getting anywhere in life.  The FOA wins, you lose, Battle over.


    Don’t let this happen to you.


    Ryan Stewman is dedicated to providing you everything you need to develop the health, wealth and relationships you dream of.  He has developed a code of living called the “G-Code.” that is a great place to start. Check out his free Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/211332242748744/.


    Everything we’ve talked about here starts with the G-Code.   It’s up to you to take a stand and use the tools in front of you to rise above and murder the Force of Average once and for good.


    Are you in?

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