400,133 Mistakes People are Making on Social Media w/ Nick Carpenter

Posted on May 17, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Yesterday out of absolutely nowhere, I decided to get on a Google Hangout (HOA).  I was not sure who I wanted to be my victim– I mean guest host for a new idea I have.  After a very short thinking period, I reached out to my good buddy Nick Carpenter.  I knew I could count on Nick to indulge me, and go along, I got to much dirt on him not to ;-)
2013-05-17_14-59-36So we both decided we were going to hop on a HOA and talk about videos and how they are working for our business.  Well that never happened.  Matter of fact it took us 30 minutes to figure out how in the hell to broadcast the hangout.  Yep, just two genius internet marketers doing out thangs…
So after we got it all figured out and streaming live, we totally forgot about video and started bashing things people do on social media.  We really cracked jokes about the dumbshit things people do on facebook.  Matter of fact, I went all out and nobody was spared lol. I may have a few more enemies now but they can just go get in line.
So Nick and I discussed the whole Amy’s Bakery couple from that Gordon Ramsey TV show who had the meltdown on facebook.  We may have given a few tips of substance on the stream but we mostly just had fun, cracked jokes and did cool shit.  It was actually one of the funnest moments I’ve had since I’ve been online.
We are seriously considering making this a weekly thing.  If you enjoy the show, by all means give us your feedback and let us know if we should do more or quit while we are ahead…  Enjoy the Hangout.

400,133 Mistakes People are Making on Social Media


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