THC Podcast 056: The 5 Best Ways To Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling

Posted on March 25, 2017

Ryan Stewman



Everything about how a sale transpires has changed, and it is continuing to change. The question is, are you as a sales professional changing with it?

The way a sale happens is changing because people are changing.

Picking up a phone and calling on a decision maker cold is still effective but it is by far not the most effective approach. Think about it…

Most people today get annoyed even when someone they know calls them (as opposed to text, etc.) let alone when someone they don’t know or never heard of calls them.

It’s a new day, with new strategies for prospecting and closing sales. In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is going to list his best tips you can use right now, so you never have to make another cold call again.

Check this out…

5 Ways To Take The Cold Out Of Cold Calling

1. Email

Why call someone cold when you can warm them up with an email?

Honing in on a decision maker’s email is easier than ever if you’re not lazy that is. With just a little research you can find anyone’s email.

Tune into this THC Podcast episode for Ryan Stewman’s favorite ways to use email to warm up his prospects and the best part is you can start doing it today.

2. Video

Since the invention of television people have held the people, they watch on TV in the highest regard.

Most people instantly feel if you are on TV you are credible. You must be an expert. Using video can deliver you that same effect.

Video,  is a powerful way to warm up leads and Ryan shares in this episode exactly how he uses video to close more sales.

3. Social Media

Today everyone is on social media.

It doesn’t matter what industry you are in you can bet the farm on the fact the decision makers have a profile on at least one of the popular social networks. Why not get connected with your prospects there before trying to call on them cold?

In this THC Podcast episode, you will learn Ryan’s favorite tactics for leveraging social media to get known by his prospects before he reaches out to close them.

4. Gift In Mail

This is Ryan Stewman’s personal favorite out of these five, but for the record, this is not a play for you if you are broke or a cheapskate.

Sending something as simple as a book via a service like Amazon with a personalized note (which you can also do via Amazon) will warm up your sales calls faster than a microwave!

Learn step by step in this episode how you can send a gift spending not even $15 and have the decision maker warmed up something lovely for you.

5. Advertising

Advertising is the easiest way to build awareness in you, your product or service.

Advertising is an art and it’s important to understand just because you are doing it does not mean you are doing it right. Advertising takes a lot of trial and error.

Stewman, being the kind soul that he is shares an edgy and cutting edge advertising strategy you can put into action and get your message in front of the right person via the right channels.

Why Make Ice Cold Sales Calls If You Don’t Have To?

The sales industry is indeed changing so are you going to change with it or are you going to  fizzle out and watch the salespeople who did adapt to the change flourish? It is really up to you.

No one in their right mind would prefer to call a cold prospect opposed to a warm one. Especially considering the warmer calls will deliver you much higher closer ratios.

Start implementing these five tips right away and stop calling cold forever!

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