5 Deal-Killer Mistakes Most People Make when Hiring a Coach

Posted on January 14, 2014

Ryan Stewman



Eventually every good entrepreneur gets in the place where they can admit they know they don’t know. When we finally arrive there we go looking for someone who knows what we don’t. Generally that person we’re seeking is called a “Coach” or “Mentor.”    

While there are plenty of expert coaches out there that will show you the quickest path to kicking ass, there are even more fukcing idiots claiming to be able to help you, yet they can’t even help themselves. Allow me to do my part to keep you from giving your hard earned money to these scammers.  

I’ve created a list of deal-breakers you should look for when seeking counsel from a coach. I’m dead serious about these. If you read this and don’t take my direction and advice, you deserve exactly the idiot you choose to coach you. Birds of a feather…  

Deal-Breaker #1:

The Coach has never sold anything in your niche. I see people everyday that attempt to coach Loan Officers who’ve never even owned a fucking house let alone prepared the financing for one. If you’re going to hire someone to give you the keys, wouldn’t you want to make sure they can drive first?   To be clear niche is a big word. A niche like real estate encomapsses a broad range of services like realtors, insurance, mortgages etc. What I’m trying to say here is don’t hire a person who sold health supplements to millions of people to teach you how to sell real estate to a few people. They don’t speak the language and you will have wasted your money.  

Deal-Breaker #2:

The Coach is not as successful as you are. When you hire a coach you want to go for the best! If you want to be the best why in the fuck would you hire an average coach? When I paid a big ass grip of cash to Kevin Nations, I did so because he IS the best of the best. I want exactly what he has and he helped me get it.  

Success for the purpose of this blog post means a coach who’s got a track record and makes money still. So many coaches have that bullshit back in the day I killed it… story. If they ain’t
 presently killing it, that’s a strong sign their clients don’t stick. If clients don’t stick around, you must ask yourself why.  

Deal-Breaker #3:

They don’t have clients bragging for them. One of the things that attracted me to Frank Kern back in the day was the 20 people who told me his shit worked for them. Every killer coach with successful clients has people who will do their bragging for them. If their clients are quiet you need to RUN!   Let’s take me for example. I don’t have to tell you my clients kick ass. They say it for me. All day everyday on my blog, facebook wall and videos. If someone was looking to hire me, they’d find my shit everywhere but the rip-off report.  

Deal-Breaker #4:

They need the money. You never give someone money who needs it unless you’re willing to never get it back. If a coach needs your cash, he’s done something horribly wrong. It’s hard for me to get my clients not to spend more money with me. If a coach is kicking ass he’s making cash. If he’s broke his coaching is a joke.   This stems back to a successful coach who has what you want. If you want to be broke, hire a broke coach. if you want to be rich, hire a rich coach. Easy peasy pumpkin pie bitches.  

Deal-Breaker #5:

They are an arrogant douche No one wants to work with a heaving douche bag. Some of these so called “gurus” could give two shits about you. They take your money and don’t even know your fuckin name. Do you really want to work with someone who don’t care about you? If your selected coach doesn’t have a personal relationship with you, fuck em.  

Don’t ever align yourself with someone who thinks they are too cool to care. Real results are only achieved when everyone involved cares and wins. Anytime you deviate from this plan, you will fail with your coach leading you all the way to Failureland.  

I could probably have created a list of 300 reasons, but ain’t nobody got time fo dat. These 5 are by far the most important. If you’re looking to grow your business by hiring a coach for help you want to make sure you do your research. Be sure to avoid these 5 mistakes. A good coach helps you avoid mistakes. See what I did there?  

If you want a badass coach who can help you sell more shit, gain more free time and kick your competitor in the nuts, you’re reading his work now. I don’t need your money and I fucking care that you win. ‘Nough Said. Fill out the form dammit.

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