THC Podcast 070: 5 Habits That Will Viciously Destroy Your Happiness

Posted on June 30, 2017

Ryan Stewman



The happier you are the more successful you will be.

Successful people are usually already happy before they ever even find success.

What good is it to be successful if you are walking around a miserable and unhappy individual? Nothing good comes out of that whatsoever.

When it comes to being happy there are many factors that can viciously destroy your happiness so in this THC Podcast episode Ryan Stewman goes into five of the top habits that destroy your happiness.

Let’s jump into it so you can start being happier today…

5 Habits That Will Viciously Destroy Your Happiness

1. Comparing Yourself To Others

Investing your time and energy comparing yourself to others is like riding a rocket ship to unhappiness.

Spending time wondering why someone is less qualified or less talented than you, and why they have reached the levels of success you are striving for is a waste of time that will kill your happiness.

You don’t know the real story of what these individuals have been through so pay it zero mind and stay focused on you and your goals.

In this THC Podcast, our host Ryan Stewman will share how in the early stages of building his company he dealt with these exact thoughts.

2. Judging Others

Another vicious way to destroy your happiness is by judging others whether you think you know them and their story or not.

Events from our past can set it in our minds to judge people when we find ourselves in similar situations from the past where we were done wrong or portrayed in one way or another.

When you spend time judging others nothing positive comes out of the activity so as hard as it may be you need to nip that shit in the bud. It’s stupid and unproductive.

The Hardcore Closer himself Ryan Stewman dealt with these challenges and in this episode, he shares how he was able to eliminate this horrible habit from his arsenal so you can do the same.

3. Being Hard On Yourself

No one is harder on you than you but it’s time to give yourself a break.

This does not mean stop pushing yourself to accomplish your goals and make things happen, this just means be more reasonable with yourself.

You are always going to be your toughest critic but you certainly do not want to be putting yourself down.

Ryan Stewman shares in this episode how he dealt with this exact issue while working on getting his company off the ground as well as how he has handled it every day since.

4. Upper Limits

Upper limits are when you are leveling up and you get to a place where your brain starts to limit you. You have reached your upper limit.

While you are trying to move up and become better you hit a limited belief and thought process in your life.

Upper limits keep you from being happy.

The more successful you get and the higher you climb the ladder, the more you will be dealing with upper limits.

This episode will show you how to deal with this happiness crusher so you can blow right by it and it won’t hinder your happiness. Bust through your upper limits like a champion.

5. Ego

Your ego can do the most damage to your happiness because it believes you always deserve more than what you are getting.

Your ego thinks you are so much better than you really are and feels you deserve more than what you have whether you deserve it or not.

Your ego is always telling you it is never enough. You need to take charge and control your ego.

Ryan goes deep into egos in this episode and discusses exactly how you can deal with your ego and not let it damage your happiness in any way, shape or form.

The Happier You Are The More Successful You Will Become

The five habits mentioned above will viciously destroy your happiness if you let it.

Now that you are aware of these habits you can start to eliminate them from your life and take control of your happiness.

Another big part of happiness is surrounding yourself with other happy and successful people.

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