THC Podcast 085: 5 Proven Tips For Closing More Deals With Email

Posted on October 15, 2017

Ryan Stewman



A lot of people will claim email is on life support and doesn’t deliver the business results it once did.

Yes, email might not deliver the level of results it did at one time, but it is still a great tool to help you close more sales.

A lot of people today still prefer to communicate via email so not communicating with them via email is just dumb. Why try to text or call a prospect if they would prefer to dialogue via email?

Email can close you more sales if of course, you are executing it properly.

In this THC Podcast episode, Ryan Stewman is talking about closing more sales using email.

Ryan drops for you on a silver platter 5 proven tips for closing more deals with email.

Here is a quick preview of what you will learn in this episode.

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 5 Proven Tips For Closing More Deals With Email

1. Make The Subject Line Pop

There is still money in email but just like you and me, people are getting more emails than ever so sticking out in the inbox is crucial. What is the best way to do just that?

An email subject line that pops.

When the subject line is saying all the right things your prospect is looking to hear, they are more likely to open it.

An email subject lines sole purpose is to sell the prospect on opening it.

Inside this episode, Ryan Stewman talks more about email subject lines and how you can make your pop out of the inbox and get opened.

2. Follow The 80/20 Rule

When it comes to email you want to stick to the old 80/20 rule.

80% of your email should be informative to the prospect and 20% should be a pitch aka you trying to close em up.

Write the majority of your emails for the benefit of the reader. Make them happy they opened your email up. Make it worth their while.

How do you make your emails all about the prospect/reader? Press play on the full podcast episode and your boy Stewman will show you how.

3. Always Include A Call To Action

The probability of a prospect taking the next step or action that leads to a sale increases tremendously when you ask them or tell them.

To make more sales via your email efforts you will need to include a call to action in every single one you send. Tell them what to do next. Tell them the next step.

Ryan goes into more detail on calls to action in emails and how to craft one that works in your emails.

4. Tell A Story

Instead of going into extreme detail about your product/service in your emails, try going into extreme detail about how your product/service has helped someone just like them. Tell a story.

Everyone loves a good story and especially one they can relate with. People connect with stories and building a connection is exactly what you are trying to accomplish with your emails to a prospect.

Stories sell and if you want to make more sales from your emails, tune into the full podcast episode because Ryan drops some tips that will surely help.

5. Poke At Their Problem

You are well aware that regardless what you are selling you are solving a problem for your prospect.

Poking at your prospect problem in your emails will help you close more sales. Remind them of their problem and how it can only get worse if they don’t take any action.

Show the prospect how your product/solution eases their pains by reminding them that the problem exists as long as they don’t take any action.

Stewman gives examples of poking your customer’s problem in your emails in this episode so be sure to stick around to the end.

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