5 reasons the 1 Pound Fish Video went viral

Posted on December 31, 2012

Ryan Stewman



I don’t know if you have seen it yet, but there is this new video with millions of views title “1 pound fish”. Apparently this guy sells fish in an English marketplace. He has created this catchy jingle that has propelled him and his brand to world wide fame.

Any time a piece of online content such as a video or blogpost goes viral, I go back and trace the formula and steps that created the virility of that content. To sum what I just said up “I figure out what makes this stuff cool.”   Besides the fact that I can’t get this song out of my head [1 pound fish] and the fact that I don’t like to eat fish, I somehow find myself wanting to try out what this guy is selling. This guy has probably sang his 1 pound fish song 1000s of times, but he knows that it works and it attracts buyers.   We can all learn a lot from the 1 Pound Fish guy. I’ve put together the 5 main reasons his marketing is so effective.  

Stand out in your marketplace

Ok, ok, this is nothing new, but the 1 pound fish guy, is BOLD about it. He not only stands out, he cries out at the top of his lungs. Also, while the other vendors are yelling things like “fresh fish, get it here” he has crafted a catchy way to attract more attention, in a more inviting way.  

Be confident in what you are selling

I’ve not seen this guy’s product first hand, but I can tell you by the confidence he exudes on the video, that he probably has the best fish with the best price in the whole marketplace. He knows he has a great product to offer so he is not afraid to tell the world what he has.  

Jingles suck, but they work

The worst thing about jingles right now in TV is that they are using songs from the radio. I can’t tell if it is a music video or a commercial for Olive Garden any more. The fact is that jingles work. They have been used to sell stuff since the dawn of time. Every successful TV and Radio ad has a jingle in it, the 1 pound fish guy did not have to re-invent the proverbial sales wheel.  

Who cares what your competitors think

Imagine selling fish 3 booths down from this guy. All day long with his “1 pound fish, 5 for 6 or 1 pound each” shit. I’m sure it wears on all of the vendors. I’m sure they are the ones who made the video hoping youtube fame would get his ass out of their marketplace. Do you think the 1 Pound Fish guy cares? NOPE! He does what it takes to make his business work and pays no mind to his competitors.  

Celebrity Authorities sell stuff and lots of it

I would be willing to bet that this guys fish are not the cheapest in the marketplace any more. I’m sure 100s of customers go to him, and pay him more than others, just so they can take a picture or hear the song. When his customers show up, they don’t care the cost of fish, they want a picture and to hear the song. If he is smart he should make them buy a fish for it every time.   These are just 5 of the at least 20 reasons that come to mind on why this video has gone viral and why this guy probably sells a boatload of fish [pun intended] If you have not seen the video yet, take a look at it below. It’s youtube gold!  

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